Best Home Gym Equipment In 2024

Having a home gym can be an incredibly convenient and cost-effective way to get in shape. With the right equipment, you can get a complete workout without ever leaving your house. In 2024, home gyms are better than ever, with innovative new products that bring the gym experience right to your door. Here is an overview of the best home gym equipment to consider for 2024.

Planet Fitness Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness is known for its low-cost gym memberships and laid back “judgement free zone” philosophy. Many locations also offer tanning beds for members to use. Here are some key things to know about tanning at Planet Fitness:

Tanning Machines at Planet Fitness

Most Planet Fitness locations have regular tanning beds and stand up tanning booths. The tanning units use UV bulbs to tan the skin. Levels range from Level 1 (lowest UV output) to Level 10 (highest UV output). Beds are generally limited to a max of 12-15 minutes per session.

Planet Fitness Tanning Rules

To use the tanning beds, you must be a Black Card member (premium level). Minors under 18 are not permitted. You must wear protective eyewear, which you can purchase on-site. Swimsuits or no more than two towels are allowed. Sessions are limited to once per day.

How to Use the Tanning Beds at Planet Fitness

To begin tanning, check in at the front desk. Select your desired tanning level and duration. Apply any tanning lotions or accelerators. Put on the provided eyewear and enter the tanning unit. Remain standing while the bed rotates during your session. When done, clean the unit and return any rented goggles.

How Often Can You Tan at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness limits tanning to once per day per member. You must wait at least 24 hours between sessions for your skin to recover. Tanning more than once every other day is not recommended due to UV exposure.

How to Tan at Planet Fitness

  • Here are some tips for getting the most out of your tanning session:
  • Exfoliate skin before tanning to remove dead cells
  • Use a tanning lotion designed for your skin type
  • Start at a lower UV level to build up a base tan
  • Increase UV level gradually over multiple sessions
  • Drink plenty of water before and after tanning
  • Apply aloe vera gel after tanning to soothe skin
  • Wear lip balm and minimal makeup to avoid issues

Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning?

Does Planet Fitness Have Tanning?

Yes, most Planet Fitness locations offer tanning beds and stand up tanning booths. However, not all clubs have tanning facilities, so check with your local club. Only Black Card members can access tanning services.

How Much Are Tanning Goggles at Planet Fitness

If you forget your tanning eyewear, you can purchase reusable or disposable goggles at the front desk. Disposable eye shields cost $1. Reusable goggles cost $8 for basic pair or $11 for premium chilling goggles. You can reuse the goggles for multiple sessions.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Tanning Goggles

Planet Fitness provides protective eyewear with each tanning session. You can use the disposable eye shields or pay a small fee to rent a pair of reusable goggles. You don’t have to buy goggles to tan, but you must wear eye protection.

Planet Fitness Stand Up Tanning

In addition to tanning beds, some Planet Fitness locations offer stand up tanning booths. These vertical booths are an alternative for members who prefer to tan standing up. Tanning times and UV levels are similar to beds.

Planet Fitness Tanning Booth

Tanning booths at Planet Fitness use the same UV tanning technology as the beds but with a vertical stand up design. Booths are slightly more spacious than beds and include handrails for balance. Sessions are 5-15 minutes depending on UV level.

Cost of Tanning at Planet Fitness

Cost of Tanning at Planet Fitness

The cost of tanning is included with a Black Card membership ($24.99/month). Non-members and lower tier members cannot use tanning services. Eyewear rental is $1 for disposable goggles or $8-$11 for reusable goggles if you forget yours.

Tanning Goggles Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness provides eye shields with each session but also sells reusable tanning goggles. Basic goggles cost $8 and premium chilling goggles are $11. You can reuse purchased goggles for multiple tanning sessions at any location.

What Level Tanning Beds Are at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness tanning beds offer UV levels ranging from Level 1 (lowest) to Level 10 (highest). Lower levels provide a light bronze while higher levels result in a deep tan. Beds are mainly Level 1-12. Beginners should start low and work up gradually.

Should I Tan Before or After Working Out at Planet Fitness?

It’s generally recommended to tan either before OR after your workout, but not right before and after. Tanning before exercise can warm up muscles and increase blood flow. But overexerting yourself right after tanning can be stressful on the skin.

No reservations are needed for tanning at Planet Fitness. It is first come, first served. Check in at the front desk when you arrive and they will set you up with the next available unit. Weekday mornings and evenings are generally less busy.

Planet Fitness Tanning Room

The tanning area is a separate room from the main gym floor. It contains a line of tanning beds and/or stand up booths. There is a check-in desk and display of tanning products/goggles for purchase. Sessions run 5-15 minutes.

Does Planet Fitness Have Eye Protection for Tanning

Yes, Planet Fitness provides disposable eye shields with each tanning session. Reusable goggles can be purchased on-site for $8-11. You must wear UV eye protection when tanning. Bringing your own goggles is recommended for hygiene.

Planet Fitness Tanning Bed Weight Limit

There is generally a 300 pound weight limit for tanning beds at Planet Fitness for safety and mechanics. Heavier members may not be able to tan based on manufacturer guidelines. Stand up booths often have a higher 350-400 pound limit.

Planet Fitness Tanning Dress Code

Swimsuits or no more than two towels are allowed when tanning. Nudity is prohibited. Some locations may allow one piece swimsuits only due to sanitary reasons. Covering small tattoos is recommended, as UV rays can damage tattoo ink.

Do All Planet Fitness Have Tanning?

No, not all Planet Fitness clubs offer tanning. Most do, but certain locations do not have tanning beds based on state laws, space constraints, etc. Be sure to check with your local club to see if tanning is available before joining.

Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Goggles?

Does Planet Fitness Sell Tanning Goggles?

Yes, Planet Fitness sells reusable tanning goggles so members don’t have to buy their own. Basic goggles are $8 and premium chilling goggles are $11. You can reuse purchased goggles for tanning at any Planet Fitness location in the future.

Planet Fitness Tanning Policy

Key parts of the tanning policy include: Black Card membership required, 18+ age restriction, once per day limit, eyewear mandatory, 15 minute max session length, swimwear only – no nude tanning, no under 18s allowed, 24 hours between sessions minimum.

So in summary, Planet Fitness offers a great low-cost tanning option for members that want some color before hitting the beach or pool. Just be sure to follow the tanning rules and wear protective eyewear for safety. Moderation is key – don’t overdo the sessions!

Best Home Exercise Equipment for 2024

Now let’s explore some of the best options for setting up your own home gym in 2024. The right equipment can let you get a complete full body workout from the comfort and convenience of home.

Best Home Gym Equipment in 2024

Top home gym equipment picks for 2024 include:

Tonal: An innovative digital weight system that uses AI and electromagnets to create resistance up to 200 lbs. Provides strength training, cardio, and customized programs.

Peloton Bike: Popular indoor spin bike with huge library of live and on-demand cycling classes streamed on 22″ touchscreen. Excellent for cardio.

Tempo Studio: All-In-One home gym with weights, barbell, collars, light training guidance via 3D Tempo Vision sensors. Great for strength training.

NordicTrack RW900: Immersive rowing machine with 22″ HD touchscreen to stream rowing classes and scenic workouts. Water resistance technology mimics on-water rowing.

Mirror: Giant reflective LCD screen that streams live and on-demand workouts from cardio to strength training using just your bodyweight.

Other top home gym machines for 2024 include

Other top home gym machines for 2024 include
  • JTX Sprint-7 Treadmill – Compact, budget treadmill ideal for walking, jogging, running, and interval training at home.
  • ProForm 7000 Treadmill – High performance treadmill with -12% to 15% incline range to mimic hiking trails.
  • Schwinn IC8 / IC4 Spin Bikes – Quality indoor cycling bikes with intuitive resistance adjustment and in-console display.

Bowflex Select Tech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

  • Space-saving adjustable dumbbells that replace 15 sets of weights. Great for strength training and muscle sculpting.

Home Gyms Overview

Home gyms provide an efficient way to incorporate strength and cardio into your weekly routine without needing access to a commercial gym. Today’s options range from basic equipment like weights and rowers to high-tech connected devices that bring boutique studio classes into your living room.

Determine your workout goals and space constraints, then choose equipment that fits your needs and budget. With the right home gym setup, you can stay strong and fit all year long.

How We Chose the Best Home Gyms

When selecting the best home gym equipment for this article, we evaluated factors like:

  • Value – Quality relative to price to fit different budgets
  • Functionality – Range of exercises and training options supported
  • Technology – Advanced or smart features that enhance the user experience
  • Space – Equipment size and form factor for tight home spaces
  • Effectiveness – Ability to provide full-body strength and cardio workouts
  • User Reviews – Feedback from actual owners on ease of use and durability

Brands like Tonal, Tempo, Peloton, NordicTrack, and Bowflex consistently rise to the top because of their exceptional quality, technology, and effectiveness for home use.

Top Home Gyms

Now let’s look at some of the top home gym systems and equipment to consider for your home fitness goals and space.

Best Budget: Synergee Power Rack With Pulley System

The Synergee power rack provides an affordable way to start strength training at home. It combines a traditional power cage for squats and bench presses with a lat pulldown/cable station for core and back exercises. Easy to assemble and just under $500.

Best Pulley System: BowFlex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

This BowFlex model offers over 70 exercises with its varied pulley stations and squat power rod system. An excellent full body workout option taking up just 8′ x 8′ of floorspace. About $1500.

Best for Calisthenics: TRX Home2 System

Best for Calisthenics: TRX Home2 System

TRX uses adjustable straps suspended from a wall or door for intense bodyweight workouts. The $200 Home2 kit includes straps, a training guide, and digital access to classes. Great for strength, flexibility, and balance.

Best Power Rack: REP Fitness PR-1100 Power Rack

Made from heavy duty steel, this space-saving power rack delivers versatile strength training. J-cup arms adjust easily for bench presses, squats, and military presses. Under $500.

Best All-in-One: Force USA G6 All-In-One Trainer

This gym packs a lot of variety into a compact unit. Includes cable station, leg press, lat pulldown, pec fly, and more. Easy to switch between exercises. Around $1500.

Best Smart Home Gym: Tonal

Tonal utilizes proprietary digital weights and AI technology to deliver strength, cardio, and flexibility training via on-demand classes. Automatically adjusts resistance up to 200 lbs. Starts around $2995.


This article provides an overview of the best home gym equipment options for 2024 based on product research and expert testing across top review sites such as Wirecutter, PC Mag, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and more. We evaluated a range of affordable to high end home gyms, including smart gym systems, to identify our top overall picks across categories.

 Key factors considered include price, quality, versatility, durability, technology features, effectiveness for cardio and strength training, and user reviews and ratings. Our team aims to provide useful, well-researched information to help consumers find the right home fitness solutions to meet their needs and get in great workouts year round without leaving home.

The Best Home Gym Equipment for 2024, Including Dumbbell Sets and Squat Racks

Working out at home is a convenient and affordable way to get fit. With the right home gym equipment, you can get a complete full body workout without ever having to step foot in a gym. This guide covers the best home gym equipment to buy in 2024, including top picks like dumbbells, squat racks, treadmills, and more.

Best Cardio Machines

Cardio equipment like treadmills, bikes, and rowers provide an effective way to boost your heart rate and burn calories without impacting your joints. Here are some of the best:

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

This high-end treadmill offers -3% to 15% incline range to mimic outdoor terrain. 10” touchscreen streams global workouts. Up to 12 mph top speed. $$$.

  • 10” Smart HD Touchscreen Display
  • Global Workout Streaming
  • -3% to 15% Incline Range
  • 12 MPH Top Speed

Apex Smart Bike

Quiet belt drive indoor cycling bike with auto resistance control via touchscreen classes. Integrated device holder and dual bottle holders. $$

  • Auto Resistance Control
  • Integrated Device Holder
  • Dual Integrated Water Bottle Holders
  • LCD Display With On-Demand Classes

Concept2 D PM5 Rower

Smooth air resistance rowing machine with backlit performance monitor to track stats like distance, pace, calories burned, and more. Easy storage vertical design. $$$.

  • Air Resistance Provides Smooth, Quiet Rowing
  • Backlit PM5 Performance Monitor
  • Stores Vertically to Save Space
  • Tracks Stroke Rate, Pace, Distance, More

Best Weightlifting Equipment

Best Weightlifting Equipment

Strength training equipment like dumbbells, bars, and racks are essential for working all the major muscle groups. Our top picks:

Weider Utility Bench

Adjustable incline bench with 300 lb weight capacity. Foam padding for comfort. Supports bulking, pressing, and lifting exercises. $

  • 4 Adjustable Seat Positions
  • Padded Seat And Back Rest
  • 300 lb Weight Capacity
  • Ideal For Pressing And Bulking

JX Fitness Squat Rack

Steel power cage for safe squat and bench press training. Chin up bar, J-cups, and safety rods included. Easy assembly. $$

  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Chin Up Pull Up Bar
  • Adjustable Safety Rods
  • J-Cup Spotter Arms For Bench Press

York Fitness 20kg Cast Iron Spinlock Dumbbell

Single commercial grade fixed weight dumbbell for strength training. Cast iron build with spinlock collars to hold weight plates in place. $

  • Commercial Grade Cast Iron Weight Plates
  • Easy Grip Spinlock Collars
  • Fixed 20kg Weight
  • Ideal For Chest Presses, Lunges, More
  • Amazon Basics Cast-Iron Kettle bell 10kg
  • Solid cast iron kettle bell for ballistic lifts and strength moves. Wide textured handle for secure grip. $$
  • 10 kg Cast Iron Weight
  • Wide Handle For Secure Grip
  • Textured Base Prevents Slipping
  • Great For Swings, Cleans, Presses

Nike Pro Waist Wrap Weightlifting Belt

Nike Pro Waist Wrap Weightlifting Belt

Heavy duty 6 powerlifting belt to add abdominal support during heavy lifts Breathable compression material with hook and loop closure. $

How to Choose a Home Gym Faqs

Choosing home exercise equipment depends on your fitness goals, space, and budget. Consider these key factors when shopping:

Workouts desired – Strength training? Cardio? Mix of both? This will guide the types of equipment needed.

Space available – Measure the room size and layout to find systems that fit. Freestanding/standalone options are most flexible.

Noise – If noise is a concern, look for equipment with quiet magnetic or water resistance. Outdoor sheds can also isolate noise.

Experience level – Beginners often do well with basic equipment like dumbbells, while experienced users may want more robust power racks or cable gyms.

Connectivity – Determine if you want advanced streaming classes or basic solo workout capabilities.

Budget – All-in-one cable gyms provide excellent full body training for $1000-2000. Power racks, dumbbells, rowers, and basic cardio machines are more budget-friendly.


In conclusion, the landscape of home gym equipment in 2024 continues to evolve, offering an impressive array of options tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of fitness enthusiasts. From high-tech cardio machines that connect users to virtual landscapes, to versatile resistance training systems that can simulate a full range of gym equipment in a single compact unit, the market has something for everyone.

Moreover, the emphasis on smart technology integration in modern home gym equipment has significantly improved the user experience, providing personalized workout plans, real-time feedback, and progress tracking features. This technological leap not only motivates users by keeping them engaged and informed about their fitness journey but also ensures that workouts are performed with correct form and intensity, minimizing the risk of injury.

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