Which Celebrities Have Weight Loss Surgery?

Some famous people have chosen to have weight loss surgery to become healthier. Celebrities like Mama June, Al Roker, and Randy Jackson have had these surgeries. They wanted to lose weight and feel better about themselves. Weight loss surgery is a way to help people who struggle with obesity.

Want to know which celebrities have had weight loss surgery? Think about stars like Mama June, Al Roker, and Randy Jackson. They decided to get surgery to help them lose weight and be healthier. It’s interesting to learn how these celebrities chose this option to deal with their weight struggles.

Get ready to explore the world of celebrities who’ve had weight loss surgery. We’ll delve into the journeys of Mama June, Al Roker, and Randy Jackson, who made the decision to undergo surgery to help them with their weight and health. Let’s uncover their inspiring stories of transformation and determination.

Gastric Sleeve Celebrities

Let’s learn about famous folks who had a surgery called gastric sleeve to help with their weight. Mama June, Al Roker, and Randy Jackson are some who did this. They wanted to be healthier and tackle their weight struggles. This surgery makes the stomach smaller, which can make weight loss easier. We’ll find out how it worked for them and changed their lives.

Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson, a singer and TV person, chose a surgery called gastric bypass. She wanted to feel better and not be so heavy. The surgery helped her lose weight, but sometimes it was hard. Carnie’s story shows that losing weight is not always simple and that getting support is really important.

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne, who’s on TV a lot, picked gastric bypass surgery to help her lose weight. The surgery made her lose weight and live healthier. But she also had some troubles and needed to adjust things. Sharon teaches us that weight loss surgery can have good and hard parts.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne, whose mom is Sharon Osbourne, also chose surgery for weight loss. She got something called a gastric sleeve. She tells us that surgery is not magic – you need to eat well and exercise too. Kelly’s story reminds us that keeping weight off takes work after surgery.

Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot, a chef we know from TV, got a surgery called sleeve gastrectomy. This helped him lose weight, and he worked hard to stay healthy. Graham’s story shows that surgery can help, but you also need to change your lifestyle for it to work.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey didn’t do weight loss surgery, but she talked about a different way to eat less. She ate small meals more often to control how much she ate. Mariah’s way is a reminder that surgery is just one choice  you can also find your own path to manage your weight.

Gastric Bypass Celebrities

Discover which celebrities have had weight loss surgery, like Carnie Wilson and Sharon Osbourne, who chose gastric bypass surgery. They aimed to enhance their health and shed weight. This surgery aids them in eating smaller amounts and feeling full quicker. Carnie’s journey illustrates that weight loss can be tough. 

Sharon’s experience serves as a reminder that surgery comes with challenges. Their stories enlighten us about the highs and lows of gastric bypass and its potential to transform lives.

Lap-Band Celebrities

Explore Lap-Band surgery stories of famous people. Kelly Osbourne is one such celebrity. She aimed to lose weight and chose this surgery. The Lap-Band makes the stomach smaller, so you eat less. Kelly reminds us that surgery is a tool, not a quick fix. Her journey teaches us about making changes for long-term success. It’s interesting to see how Lap-Band surgery has helped celebrities on their weight-loss paths.

Duodenal Switch Celebrities

Duodenal Switch Celebrities
Duodenal Switch Celebrities

Learn about famous individuals who opted for duodenal switch surgery. This surgery can help with weight loss. One celebrity who had this surgery is Randy Jackson. He wanted to improve his health and manage his weight. 

The duodenal switch surgery helps the body absorb fewer calories. Randy’s story shows how this surgery can be a choice for those struggling with weight issues. It’s interesting to see how this procedure can lead to positive changes in their lives.

Bariatric Surgery Revisions

Learn about bariatric surgery revisions, where people change their weight loss surgery. Sometimes, the first surgery doesn’t work as planned. Celebrities like Sharon Osbourne and Carnie Wilson had revisions. They needed more help to manage their weight. 

Revisions can fix problems or help with weight loss again. Sharon and Carnie’s stories show that getting the right surgery is important, and sometimes a second surgery can make a big difference in staying healthy.

Teenage Celebrities Who Had Weight Loss Surgery

Discover young celebrities who had weight loss surgery. Alana Thompson, also known as “Honey Boo Boo,” chose gastric sleeve surgery to help her lose weight. She wanted to be healthier and happier. This surgery made her stomach smaller so she could eat less.

Alana’s story teaches us that weight loss surgery isn’t just for adults. It can also help teenagers who need a healthier start. Her journey inspires others to make positive changes for their well-being.

Celebrities Who Have Been Open About Their Weight Loss Surgery

Some celebrities talk about their weight loss surgeries. Mama June, a reality TV star, chose gastric sleeve surgery to help her on her weight loss journey. Al Roker, a well-known weatherman, had gastric bypass surgery to improve his health. Sharon Osbourne and Carnie Wilson also shared their experiences with gastric bypass surgeries. 

These celebrities show that weight loss surgeries can be helpful tools for managing weight and health. By sharing their stories, they inspire others to consider options for a healthier lifestyle and remind us that everyone’s weight loss journey is unique.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery and Went Back to Their Old Weight

Some famous people had weight loss surgery but later went back to their old weight. Carnie Wilson, a singer, lost weight after gastric bypass but struggled to keep it off. Randy Jackson, a music producer, faced a similar challenge after his gastric bypass surgery. These stories remind us that weight loss surgery isn’t a guaranteed fix and that staying healthy takes ongoing effort. 

Despite the setbacks, these celebrities show that it’s important to keep trying and find the right path to long-term success. Their experiences highlight the complexities of weight management and the need for continuous commitment.

Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgery and Died


Some celebrities who had weight loss surgery later passed away. In 2003, singer Carnie Wilson underwent gastric bypass surgery. British reality star Leah Bracknell chose the same procedure. Both faced health challenges, and they’re no longer with us. Their stories remind us that weight loss surgery carries risks and success isn’t guaranteed. 

It’s crucial to focus on health and well-being. While surgery can aid weight loss, it’s important to make sustainable lifestyle changes and have proper medical guidance. These celebrities’ experiences serve as cautionary tales about the potential complications of weight loss surgery.


In the end, learning about which celebrities have had weight loss surgery teaches us that everyone’s journey is unique. Some find success, while others encounter challenges. It’s crucial to recognize that surgery is a step toward better health. We must keep in mind that staying active and eating nutritious foods are significant. 

By exploring these stories, we understand that there’s no quick solution for weight loss. It demands dedication and perseverance. So, let’s draw inspiration from these celebrities and concentrate on making wise decisions for our well-being.

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